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Mouseketeers Assemble! How to Host an Awesome Mickey & Minnie Mouse Birthday Party


When you think Disney, you think of Mickey and Minnie mouse!



The world’s most loveable cartoon couple has been entertaining fans of ages for decades. That’s why, at, we have not one, not two, but three party packs designed to give your child the ultimate Mickey and Minnie birthday experience. The Disney Mickey Fun and Friends Party Pack is all about Mickey, and all about fun. Mini Minnie fans may prefer to wish upon a star with the Minnie Dream Party Pack or be fab and fashionable with the Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique.




All of our party packs contain all the party supplies and decorations you need to have a great time. Keep on reading for more Mouse-tacular party tips and ideas!


Mickey Mouse Cupcakes!



Credit goes to Erica’s Sweet Tooth for these clever cupcakes. To mouse-ify any cupcake, just cover in chocolate toppings and stick in some round chocolate cookies for the ears – adorable! The wrappers are just ordinary red cupcake wrappers with white dots (use a hole punch) glued in place.’s Disney page has another good idea too: instead of just having the cookie be the ears, use three cookies to create the mouse ear image.



Have a Disney Sing Along!



For an easy Mickey and Minnie party activity that the kids will love, just put on the soundtrack of their favorite Disney film! It’s alright if you don’t have the CD, you can find any Disney track you want with a quick Youtube search. Or, you can just play the movie, and either skip ahead to the singing parts or just sing along as they come! This option will also give you some downtime to clean up or set up another activity, if you need.


Mouse Ear Pizza!



The silhouette of Mickey and Minnie’s ears is quite possibly the most famous Disney symbol. In fact, there are entire online communities dedicated to finding images of “Hidden Mickeys” in public places. Here’s a set of ears that will end up hidden in the stomachs of the guests! To make it, you’ll just need a large pizza crust and two smaller crusts. Make and bake the pies like you normally would, but cut some curves out of the smaller ones so that they fit along the edge of the large one.


For even more inspiration, check out our Mickey Fun and Friends and Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Planning Guides. If you throw a Mickey or Minnie party for your child’s birthday, let us know! Feel free to always share photos with us on Facebook or Twitter. If you have any other feedback or ideas for our blog, send those our way as well!


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