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Yes, we can tell you how to get to Sesame Street – and throw a party while you’re there!

Who hasn’t grown up with Sesame Street? Chances are, the original production of the Children’s Television Workshop show has been a part of your life in one way or another, and – chances are – it’s a part of your child’s life now!



With Sesame Street party supplies from, you can bring the Street inside and have a celebration that the kids won’t soon forget! Sesame Street Party Packs contain all the supplies, decorations, and party favors you need to have an awesome party, and they cost less than buying each  piece of the pack individually! We have also party packs specifically designed around your child’s favorite Sesame Street characters, like Elmo and Abby Cadabby.


Keep reading to check out our Sesame Street birthday party tips and ideas!


Cookies for Cookie Monster!

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He’s blue, furry, and one of the most beloved Sesame Street characters…and most importantly, he loves cookies! Kids love Cookie Monster as much as they probably love cookies, so set up a cookie decorating table and let them have a blast. You can bake your own or store-buy some plain sugar cookies in various shapes, and provide a variety of colorful icings and toppings for every child to make their own unique treat!


Go Old School!

Sesame Street: Old School is a DVD series featuring episodes from the original seasons of Sesame Street! Kids these days think they know Sesame Street – put on an episode or two and wait till you see the looks on their faces when they see how it was back in the day! Plus, this can serve as a real blast from the past for you, as well as give you a little downtime to set up the next party activity.


That’s So Magical!

That’s the catchphrase of Abby Cadabby, the three-year-old fairy-in-training, so her bring her magical power to the party! Since her fairy powers are still quite limited to mostly turning things into pumpkins, have a pumpkin bean-bag toss game, or have blindfolded party guests try to stick a pumpkin sticker the nearest to an Abby target! The winner can take home special Abby Cadabby party favors.


Elmo’s World!

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La-la, la-la! Every kid is a fan of Elmo, so invite him to the party with Elmo-themed party snack! Since Elmo’s favorite food is pizza, you can make mini bagel pizzas that look like Elmo! For a healthier option, Kolcraft’s Baby Matters Blog has directions here for a mini fruit pizza. You can also put out some Goldfish crackers, which look just like Elmo’s goldfish, Dorothy.


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