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Yee-HAW! Let’s throw a party, Old-West style!

When your ‘lil hombre or cowgirl is celebrating another year, add these dandy party favors to set a western-themed scene. Use them as decorations and then as parting gifts for all the cowpokes at the end of the day.

Bandanas. These favors are so versatile! Fer instance, make them into fancied-up napkins. Use the traditional red bandana or a fun cow print bandana (pictured).

Red Bandana >>

Cowprint Bandana >>

Here’s How To Make a Western-Themed Napkin/Silverware Setting:

Western Cowprint Napkin setting

Western theme napkin and silverware setting

  1. Fold in half
  2. Fold in half again
  3. Fold in half yet again
  4. Now peel back top left corner.
  5. Then fold under at about 2 inches from the bottom.
  6. Tuck silverware inside, so it is peaking out behind the folded corner.
  7. Arrange next to place-setting and, yippey kai yay, you have a fancy western-style napkin!



Miniature Horses. Use these little broncos around your buffet or gift table. Set them all-about around food trays. If you have little whipper snappers and don’t want to risk them getting their paws on such a small toy, place the horses in higher locations around the room in which the party is focused. Tuck them into your room décor, on shelves or on furniture out of reach of the children. They add another layer of interest to the theme and keep the kids safe.

Flocked Horse with Saddle, 4” high, Ages 3+ >>

Mini Plastic Horses, 2” high, Ages 3+ >>

Western Masks. The cowpokes will get a kick out of acting out a drama in the Old West by becoming the good guys or the bad guys!

Western Masks >>

Sheriff Badges. Set one near the top left of each plate at the birthday table. They’ll dress up the table and make great gifts for each guest.

Assorted Sheriff Badges >>

Creative Western Snack Dishes. Use these cowboy hats turned upside down and fill with sweets or snack mix. Set in areas where people will be sitting or gathering, scatter on tables throughout the area. The hats will look adorable and people will nibble on the snacks as they chat.

Assorted Cowboy Hats >>

Western Party Mints >>

And for dessert, wow them with a smoothie, shake or other sweet treat in a fancy Western Boot Cup!

Western Boot Cup >>

Y’all take a gander at all these fancy, fandango trinkets:

Western Party Favors >>

Cowboy Party Supplies >>

Share your rootin’ tootin’ old west party stories and ideas with all of us! What’s the most creative western-themed party idea you’ve seen? What western-themed ideas would you like to try? Giddy up

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