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Where to Host A Winter Birthday Party

Summer birthdays have all the luck! If you want to go on a picnic, you only have to contend with the ants. Camping? No problem! The absence of snow means that you can pitch a tent anywhere. And a day at the beach is MUCH easier when you don’t have to convince your pals to join the polar bear club! So what’s a kid to do when the weather is frightful on his birthday?

1) Let the sun shine in. Pool parties are great for groups of all sizes, and they can be held year round (even if you live in Michigan!). Many hotels rent their pools for parties, and some even have meeting rooms to hold presents and cake. Indoor waterparks can now be found in virtually every state – so whether your birthday is in January or July, you can splash your way to a super fun soiree.

Summer Pool Party

2) The double feature. Most movie theaters have party rooms so you can host your whole birthday at the movies! It’s the perfect way to have your cake and catch a flick too!

Movie Theater Party

3) The great skate. If you can’t beat the weather, embrace it! Freezing temperatures means that ice rinks are open for business. From New York to Minnesota, this is wonderful way to take in the beauty of winter. Get bundled in mittens and scarves, lace up your skates and take a few laps around the ice. Don’t forget to indulge in some hot chocolate when you want to warm up!

4) A day at the races. If your little winter wonder doesn’t mind the snow, why not head off to the slopes? Not every child knows how to ski, but a lot of the hills also have a tubing courses. Downhill races beat ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ any day!

5) Experience. Learning something new will bring all of your guests together. Crafting, cooking, dancing – there’s a class for almost anything you can dream of! Your local park and rec department will likely have an entire listing of course offerings on their website.

6) Tourists in your own city. Candy factories, root beer breweries and niche museums often have group tours available. You can even take it to the next level: One year I took my nephew and a couple of his buddies on a gangster tour in Chicago. The “Untouchable Tours” took us through all of the roaring twenties hot spots, and afterwards we took pictures in front of the Biograph Theater (I brought along Fedora hats, fake cigars and tommy gun props).

Gangster Car Photo Prop

Does your child have a winter birthday? What have you done to celebrate even when the temperatures are low?

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