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Turn Your Child’s Next Birthday into an Adventure With Dora the Explorer!


Since 2000, Dora and her monkey friend Boots have been two of the most massively popular cartoon characters on TV! Thirteen years later and the show is still going strong on Nick Jr.



If your little ones love Dora the Explorer, can help make their next birthday party one they’ll never forget! Check out our Dora the Explorer Party Packs for an awesome collection of Dora-themed party supplies and decorations. For more tips on how to throw the best Dora the Explorer birthday parties, keep reading!



Dora the Explorer Scavenger Hunt

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Since Dora loves to go on adventures, create your own adventure with a scavenger hunt for the kids! You can make it contest to see who can discover the most hidden items, or guide them through as a group. Draw up your own Map, but make sure to leave it up for interpretation! It also might be a good idea to this in a large area, like at the park.


Sneaky Swiping!

This party game is Dora-themed take on the classic “Red Light, Green Light.” One child starts the game as the leader, with some object item (like a backpack) and their back to the others on the opposite side of the room. The other players are the “Swipers,” who must slowly sneak up to the child leading the game. The leader can turn around at any time and try to catch a Swiper moving – if they do, back to the start with them! If a Swiper can grab the item without having been caught moving, they win the round and lead the next one.


Printable Play!

Nick Jr. has a bunch of ready-to-print, ready-for-fun birthday activities on their official page here. Dora Activity Placemats feature simple games and puzzles that children of all ages can enjoy. Print out the supplies for a game of “Pin the Tail on Swiper,” or print out some coloring pages and go to town with crayons and markers.


Finally, be sure to check out the Dora the Explorer Costumes over on our sister site, If this post gave you some good ideas for your next party, like us on Facebook and share your thoughts with us!



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