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Top 10 Boys Birthday Party Themes!


Last time, we shared with you our list of the Top 10 Girls Birthday Themes on Now, as promised, it’s the boys’ turn! Nothing to sugarcoat here, these are all exceptional birthday theme choices for your little macho man, and all of them make party planning a breeze.  For a healthy dose of inspiration, continue on to the list:


10.          John Deere

If you’re little guy is into fun and farming (or just really likes the colors green and yellow), look no further than the John Deere theme – all the décor and party supplies are modeled after the classic brand. Plus, the Johnny Tractor character is simply too cute to pass up!


9.            Monster Jam

SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! Or really, whatever day the party happens to be on. Nothing says excitement like an armada of 10-ton vehicles doing battle in an arena of mud. Seriously, what little boy wouldn’t love that? Monster Jam party packs bring that to the birthday and more!


8.            Sonic

Gotta go fast! In fact, Sonic party parks are so popular that they are going awfully fast, so grab one quick. Everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog with a gift for speed (okay, so there’s only one) is sure to make your son’s birthday party a huge hit!


7.            Sock Monkey Red

Sock Monkeys are decorations as retro and classic as anything. With the Sock Monkey Red theme, you can bring a vintage twist to your child’s birthday and show them what it was like back in your day! These party supplies will have the kids going bananas for sure.


6.            Caillou

Caillou loves to explore and discover new things, and with our Caillou party supplies you can discover a great way to celebrate! You can customize everything too, for a truly unique experience.


5.            Little Man Mustache

We know your little man’s already growing up so fast, and that you may not want to be expediting the process, but you can’t deny that Little Man Mustache party packs are just about the cutest thing ever. They’re fitting too – it’s still Movember!


4.            Yo Gabba Gabba

Yo Gabba Gabba is all about letting loose and rocking out! DJ Lance Rock and the whole gang are all here. We just wrote a blog the other week chock full of Yo Gabba Gabba party ideas, too – can you tell we really like this one?


3.            Construction Pals

Construction Pals party packs make building the perfect party easy! Not only are the cartoon trucks and other vehicles absolutely adorable, but fully customizable options are available that let really let your child be the boss.


2.            Mario Kart Wii

3…2…1…Party! Mario Kart is one of the best selling video game franchises of all time, and one of the most fun, too. So, by logical extension, a Mario Kart birthday party will be one of the most fun parties of all time as well!


1.            Super Mario Bros

That’s right, Mario is our Player 1 as well as our Player 2! He’s been in countless video games since the 1980s and he’s still going strong. We even have a brand new Super Mario Party theme coming out – but let’s save that for a future blog, eh?


Whichever theme you select for your child’s birthday – whether it’s one of these or another – we’d love to hear about how it went! Follow BirthdayExpress on Facebook and Twitter and share your feedback and photos!

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