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Throw a Super Party for your Superhero with these Batman Birthday Party Ideas!

The Dark Knight is always watching over and protecting Gotham City from the likes of supervillains such as The Riddler, Bane, and The Joker. For decades he’s been a flagship hero of DC Comics. Now, he can personally protect your child’s next birthday party from boredom with Batman Heroes and Villains Party Packs from!



These party packs contain all the Batman party supplies needed to fight off a legion of villains. Tableware and décor are included, and by upgrading to the deluxe package you can add a personalized banner to really make your child the center of attention. Complement everything with some Batman party favors and you’re good to go. Read on for more Batman party tips!



Batman Symbol Cake!



Credit: Jackie Dodd,



Raise the Batsignal with a Batman cake like this super cute design by Jackie from DomesticFits – view her tutorial here. Printable templates for the bat symbol and “Wham, bam, pow!” comic book-style bursts are available for free, too. It’s a simple cake design that looks absolutely fantastic! Or, for an even quicker Batman birthday dessert, top some frosted cupcakes with these plastic Batman rings. Yum!





These party games make sure all the Batboys and Batgirls are well-versed in the use of their Bat-gadgets before they head out to take on the bad guys. Our foam Bat-a-rangs are soft and perfectly safe enough to toss around inside. Set up some targets – stacks of empty paper cups or pictures of Batman villains from the Internet – and let the kids practice their aim! Alternative ideas include Batman disc launchers and grappling hooks, both of which make great take-home party favors as well.


Batman Dress-up!



What better way is there to bring Batman to the party than be Batman? BirthdayExpress has tons of Batman costumes for just this purpose, and so does our sister site, The birthday boy or girl can become their favorite character, and mom and dad can join in on the fun, too! These costumes and accessories are also great for anytime playtime and dress-up occasions.


Have a Batman screening!



Beware the Batman on Cartoon Network is the newest installment of Batman animated series, and it’s a hit! If you schedule the party accordingly, you can take a break and let the kids absorb the Batman world. Or, queue some older episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold or The Batman on a streaming service like Netflix or via DVD. Either way, the kids will love it!


As always, be sure to let us know how the party goes! We love hearing feedback from customers, so follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share your photos and stories!


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