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This Is Not a Test – New Johnny Test Party Supplies Are the First Ever!

While Johnny Test has been busy getting into trouble with talking dog pal Duke and his twin genius sisters’ next science experiment, at we’ve been working hard to bring you our exciting new Johnny Test Birthday Party Supplies. Created for kids who can’t get enough of the 11-year-old trickster, our Johnny Test Party Supplies are the only ones available anywhere.

For parents who want to beef up their knowledge of the Cartoon Network show and its characters, “Johnny Test” is one of the hottest kids’ TV shows on the air, with a fun gender-neutral appeal. Johnny himself is a precocious, skate boarding character whose best friend Duke is a dog that was genetically altered during one of the Test sisters’ experiments. The result was that Duke not only became smarter than Johnny, he also received the ability to talk and is often the one who tells Johnny right from wrong.

Johnny’s parents are Lila Test, a workaholic businesswoman, and Hugh Test, a stay-at-home dad with an obsession for cooking meatloaf. His sisters are 13-year-old redhead scientists Susan and Mary who both have a crush on their next-door neighbor Gil…Nexdor.  They are responsible for getting young Johnny to be a test subject for their wild experiments.

Along with a number of other characters and a lively rock music score, the combination makes for a TV show that has garnered the Grand Prize for Best Program at the Alliance for Children’s and Television’s Gala award ceremony. For kids, that all sums up to one of Johnny’s favorite words: AWESOME!

Johnny Test Birthday Party Supplies
Johnny Test Giant Wall Decals
Johnny Test Standup
Johnny Test Tattoos

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