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Staying Ahead of the Pack with Turbo Party Tips!

Dreamworks’ newest animated adventure, Turbo, is coming to theaters across America tomorrow!



Turbo’s been stuck at a snail’s pace his entire life, but a twist of fate has given him the gift of super speed! The story follows him and his quest to overcome adversity and follow his dreams.


The whole family is sure to fall in love with Turbo and his whole crew of snail friends, so why not Turbo-charge your little one’s next birthday party with’s Turbo Party Packs! They include all the Turbo party supplies you need, from plates and napkins to balloons, decorations, and favors.



Keep reading for more Turbo party tips!


Red Light, Green Light

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This classic kids’ party game has never been more appropriate! Mix it up with some Indy racing flair: green flag means go, yellow flag means caution – no passing! Hand towels or even construction paper will work. See who can make it to the checkered flag first and earn that gold trophy, but drivers caught moving under the caution flag will be sent back.


Escargot is a French hopscotch game, sometimes called “spiral hopscotch,” and is a perfect outdoor game for summer weather. Draw a spiral-shaped track on the ground with chalk, and have each child take turns hopping to the center and back out. If they make it, they can claim a space by marking it with their name, and no-one else may step on that space. When nobody can reach the center, the child with the most claimed squares is the winter!


Snail Cakes

All it takes a little decorator’s frosting to create this spiraling snail shell design by Blondie Cupcakes. With the right colors, you can make your cupcakes into Turbo, Smoove Move, Burn, Skidmark, and the rest of the Turbo cast!


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