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Piñata Power!


Piñatas are essential for kids’ birthday parties, because they combine two of every child’s favorite things: tons of candy, and hitting things with sticks!



Okay, maybe that second one was a joke to make sure you were paying attention. But now that you are, we’re here to show off’s most popular birthday piñatas – they can be a great finishing touch to your decorations, as well as a super-fun party game! If you’re looking for more inspiration to make your child’s birthday a day they’ll never forget, then read on.


Monster Jam Piñata


SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! Or rather – birthday, birthday, birthday. Just as Grave Digger defeats other monster trucks and crushes cars, the party guests will have a blast crushing this piñata and extracting every last bit of candy. Check out the rest of our Monster Jam party planning guide here!


Owl Pink Pull-String Piñata

Look whoo’s birthday it is today! Pull-string piñatas are great for smaller children – instead of using a stick, each guest takes turns trying to find the one string that will release the candy. The kids will be sure have a hoot with this one!


Pocoyo Pull-String Piñata

What can we say; boys love pull-string piñatas too! Pocoyo loves to play and discover new things, and the party guests will love discovering the mountain of candy inside. Pocoyo Party Packs contain even more awesome Pocoyo party supplies for your child to enjoy, and our guide has more Pocoyo party ideas as well.


John Deere Tractor Piñata

Your little man’s growing up fast! He might not be old enough to drive a real tractor yet, but we’re willing to bet he’ll love this piñata as much as the rest of our John Deere party packs. The classic green and gold alongside adorable animals makes it one of our top boys birthday party themes overall!


Disney Princess Pull-String Piñata


This piñata is fit to be filled with enough riches to satisfy the most elegant of royalty! And by riches, we of course mean candy. The princesses Aurora, Snow White, and Belle are featured on this product and bring another level of extravagance to any girl’s birthday.


Once you’ve selected the perfect piñata, don’t forget the piñata filler! Our special assortment comes with a full pound of small sweets as well as a selection of small party favors for kids, like whistles and yo-yos.

As always, we want to know how your piñata party went! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and feel free to share with us your photos and stories from the party.



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