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Our Mission: To Inspire You to Throw the Best Secret Agent Party Ever

And we choose to accept it.


It’s no secret that we’re constantly designing new and exclusive birthday party themes here at, and the newest one we’ve rolled out is the Secret Agent Party Pack. Party planning doesn’t have to be mission impossible – and this unique theme includes everything you need to throw a great party, from party supplies to decorations.



Check out our secret agent birthday party tips below! (For the best effect, open this YouTube video and let it play in the background before continuing.)


Secret Agent Disguises!

An agent isn’t so secret if everyone can tell who they are, right? Our Jr Secret Agent Child Costume takes care of that. Guests can use these Secret Agent Paper Masks – we mean, night-vision goggles – or a black fedora hat to avoid detection. You can also use these spy costumes for a disguise relay race. Teams of guests have to take turns putting on and taking off the items after each leg.


Mission Im-pastry-ble



Allyson from Allyson’s Edibles made this amazing secret agent cake! It features a super-secret backward spy message, as well as a clue-finding magnifying glass, complete with fingerprint. A real sparkler as the finishing touch on the bomb is too cute!


Secret Agents vs. Spies!

Turn the entire birthday party into a secret agent party game! Each guest will receive a piece paper at the beginning of the party with either “spy” or “agent” written on it. Nobody knows who is which or how many of each there are. At the end of the party, the guest who can correctly identify the most partygoers is the winner!


Don’t keep the success of your party a secret – share your photos and experiences with us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know how everything went!

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