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Mario birthday party theme showcase


It’s-a me, Mario!



For past few decades now, people around the world have been growing up with Mario and his brother Luigi. Since the plumbers debuted in the 1983 arcade classic Mario Bros., they’ve never failed to bring fun to players of all ages. On Friday, they’re teaming up again for the release of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team on the Nintendo 3DS.



If your kids love Mario as much as we do, then give them a Mario birthday party to remember with our Super Mario Bros. Party Packs! Everything but the Mega Mushrooms is included, from plates to balloons to candles to party favors.



And if you really want to take your Mario birthday party to next level, we’ve got plenty of suggestions for easy Mario activities and recipes too.


Mario Video Game Tournament












No need to over-complicate things for a Mario party – get the guests together for some Mario Party! These minigame collections are simple yet challenging enough to be blast for everyone, kids to adults. You can also try Mario Kart to satisfy your need for speed, or Super Smash Bros. if you want some more action.


Mario Coin Scavenger Hunt

A common thread in each of Mario’s games is his coin-collecting habit. Hide some of these plastic gold coins around the house or in the backyard – the child who finds the most takes home the prize! You could even use gold-wrapped chocolate coins, or hide “power-ups” worth extra points, such as mega-mushroom cutouts.


Mario Cupcakes

Speaking of Mega Mushrooms, why not decorate some cupcakes to look the part? Whether the cakes are store-bought or homemade, all it takes is a little red and green frosting, with some white for the spots. Super fun, super simple, Super Mario! The kids are sure to love ‘em. Credit goes to Laura from The Ozinga Outlook for the photo.


Rainbow Road Punch

If you’ve played any Mario Kart game before, you know that Rainbow Road is always the hardest level in the game. But, you can taste victory with our Mario-themed take on the classic party beverage! Just combine and orange and pineapple juices with ginger ale and scoops of lime, raspberry, and orange sherbet for a delicious, fruity drink!


For more Mario birthday party planning tips and tricks, check out our exclusive Super Mario Bros.

Birthday Party Planning Guide as well as our Mario Kart Wii Birthday Party Planning Guide.


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