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Jammin’ With a Monster Jam Birthday Party!


Monster trucks have been around since the late 1970s, but Monster Jam is a fairly recent development – and it’s only getting bigger!


If your little monster can’t get enough Monster Jam action, feed his need for speed with a Monster Jam Birthday from! Our Monster Jam 3D Party Packs contain all the party supplies and decorations you need for a high-octane, five-tons-of-fun birthday party! Tableware, décor, and invitations are all included:



Check out these top Monster Jam party tips to make their Monster Jam birthday party something to remember for a lifetime!


A Truly Monstrous Cake!


Sarah from ButtonedUp made this very cute and simple monster truck cake. To make one yourself, all you need to do is take a standard rectangular sheet cake, and cut out some semi-circular “wheel wells” with a knife or large cookie cutter. Remove a small area for the windshield, and place two larger round cakes where the wheels go. Frost it and you’re finished!


Monster Jam Piñata!

Your child can take on the mighty Grave Digger with this officially licensed, 16-inch Monster Jam piñata. He’s a four-time World Finals Champion, but can he stand up to a roomful of stick-wielding children? Our guess: probably not. Be sure to stock it to the breaking point with piñata filler – our two pound bag includes various small toys as well as bubble gum and candies like Tootsie Rolls and Lemonheads.


Chocolate. On. Everything!

(As if the kids would have it any other way!) This is a monster truck party – and monster trucks just aren’t monster trucks unless there’s dirt and mud. Since you probably don’t actually want dirt and mud all over your house, make up some delicious “dirty” desserts! The above picture is courtesy of Shea from Eventful Possibilities and it’s full of ideas.  Chocolate doughnuts are now muddy tires. Bottles of white and chocolate milk are monster truck fuel. And of course, the classic dirt pudding is, well, dirt.


For more Monster Jam Birthday Party ideas and recipes, check out our full party planning guide on!  Like us on Facebook and share your birthday party photos!

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