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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman! No, it’s a birthday party!

Who doesn’t love the high-flying, crime-fighting, X-ray vision-ing Kryptonian known as Superman? He’s the most popular superhero of all time, and with Superman: Man of Steel Party Packs from, he can make a personal appearance at your child’s next birthday party!



Our party packs have all the Superman party supplies you need, from tableware to décor, in one simple package. They make throwing a party a piece of cake – but read on for more Superman birthday party ideas!


Looking the part!

The guest of honor can’t show up to their own Superman man party looking like Clark Kent. This looks like a job for our Superman Kids Costume Kit! The kit includes a printed T-shirt and removable cape, making it light an comfortable enough to wear all day at the party, yet empowering enough to strike down Lex Luthor. Up, up , and away!


Superhero Training Course!

Of course, Superman needs more than his costume to be super, so why not make a fun party game out of superhero training? Stack up some empty soda bottles (supervillain practice targets) and see which party guest can knock down the most with these Superman Mini Flying Discs! Set up an obstacle course in the backyard, and have the kids “fly” through with their arms outstretched. The sky’s the limit!


A Super Cake for a Super Party!

CakesByChoppA has created an awesome video tutorial for decorating just about the best Superman logo-shaped cake we’ve ever seen:


Sweet! If you prefer not to pipe icing like he does, has plenty of alternatives like this one from user Rick R. which uses a candy mosaic to create the iconic on top of a standard square cake.


Super Swag!

When the party’s over, be sure all the guests go home happy with Superman party favors! The Superman Party Favors Pack includes enough crime-fighting power for eight party guests. Mini Frisbees, yo-yos, stickers, and more are in the box.


As always, let us know how the party goes! We love to see customer action photos, so like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and share your stories!

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