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If you love Dr. Seuss, then sit back and relax – take care of your party with these party packs!

It seems like just about everybody’s grown up with Dr. Seuss books, and we love them as much as anyone. We even wrote a blog about Dr. Seuss in the style of Dr. Seuss a while back for our sister site,


Sorry, this one’s not going to rhyme. But, it is going to be about you can throw the most amazing Dr. Seuss birthday party for your kids! On, we have Dr. Seuss Party Packs that contain all of the party supplies and decorations you need to have an awesome day.



Remember The Cat in the Hat’s ability to decorate a house in a flash? It’s kind of like that. Add in our Dr. Seuss Removable Wall decorations, and stage is set! Keep on reading for more great Dr. Seuss party tips.


Cupcake 1 and Cupcake 2

Dog ‘n’ Bird Artful Weddings


Make these delicious cupcakes to channel the Cat’s two energetic friends – but we’re betting you won’t be able to stop eating them after just two! Just make a batch of your favorite cupcakes; any kind will do, but we suggest red velvet for the color. Add some white frosting, and top it off with some torn up blue cotton candy for the wild hairdo. Adorable! It’s best to add the cotton candy right before serving, so that it will be fluffy for the partygoers.


Dr. Seuss Printable Activities has a great selection of printables on their games page. From coloring pages, to arts and crafts activites, and even a do-it-yourself Lorax mustache, there’s plenty to choose from here that the kids will love. There’s even a whole activity set on The Cat and the Hat, with plenty of pencil-and-paper fun and games.


Suessical Chairs

This party game plays just like the classic favorite musical, but with a Seussical theme! Put on the soundtrack from Seussical the Musical – either a CD or an online stream will work fine – and have the kids parade around a circle of chairs. Cut the sound, and see who can make it into one of the chairs! The last child left can win a special Dr. Seuss Party Favor pack.


The Cat in the Hat’s Hat Toss

For this game, you’ll need a hat. Mostly any sort of hat will just fine, but for the sake authenticity, you’ll want to use a Cat in the Hat hat. Children can take turns tossing the hat ring toss style at a target and trying to land it just right. Draw a bullseye on the ground outside with chalk, or try to toss the hat onto a post across the room (take a broom or yardstick and use masking tape to affix it to the back of a chair). Maybe they could try landing it on mom or dad’s head, too!


Take a look at our Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Planning Guide for even more inspiration. And, as always, be sure to let us know how the party goes – like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and share your photos and stories!


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