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How to Sweeten up your Party with Creative Cupcakes!

There’s no bigger trend in the birthday party scene right now than cupcakes! They’re easy to make, easy to decorate, and they allow for a huge amount of creativity. That’s why at, we have all the cupcake supplies you need to make your child’s next birthday party into a cute cupcake party!




Read on to see our top cupcake party tips!


Dress up your cupcakes!

You spend a lot of time deciding on a theme for your kid’s birthday, and it shows in the décor and supplies, so carry that through to the cupcakes! We have plenty of themed cupcake wrappers at, from Super Mario to Yo Gabba Gabba. And just putting them on a table isn’t any fun – make them the star of the show with fancy cupcake stands! Grab some cupcake boxes too, so your guests go home happy!


Cupcake characters!


Take your decorating to the next level by making your cupcakes look like your child’s favorite characters! The adorable Toy Story alien and Mater cakes above are part of a set of 30 Disney cupcake recipes featured on Disney Family. If you read this blog frequently, you might remember some more character cake’s we’ve featured, as in our Despicable Me 2 post. We never get tired of seeing stuff like this, so please share your cupcake photos with us  - social links are at the bottom of this post!


For something totally unique, try ice cream cupcakes!

Everyone knows and loves ice cream sandwiches (as a matter of fact, tomorrow is Ice Cream Sandwich Day!) but ice cream cupcakes are a special confection that you, your kids, and your sweet tooth will love! They’re super simple to make too. First, just bake a batch of cupcakes like normal. Then use a melon baller or a special cupcake corer to replace the inside with ice cream! Frost over the hole and freeze until ready to serve. Thanks to The Prepared Pantry for this awesome idea!


Hopefully that gave you some ideas for your child’s next birthday party! As always, feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us on Facebook!

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