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How to clown around with your child’s next birthday party!

Every child deserves to have a special, unforgettable day on their birthday every year. With the high-flying and dare-deviling spectacle that is the circus, that seems like a match made in party planning heaven to us!

Now, we’re not going to ignore it – not everyone’s a fan of clowns. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the circus as a fun and friendly theme for your child’s birthday! Step right up with our Carnival Games Party Packs and build an atmosphere of fun for all ages! All the circus party supplies you could wish for are inside: red and white stripes and funny clown faces deck out these decorations.



Keep on reading for more circus birthday party ideas!


Homemade Carnival Games!

If you’re sticking with the carnival theme, nothing’s more fun (and simple to put together!) for a birthday party than homemade carnival games. Weight some empty soda bottles with sand and decorate them – who can knock over the most with a single ball throw? Ring toss is easily crafted with a few dowels, and our Ball Toss Game is easily assembled. If you a have a Nintendo Wii or Wii-U game system, you can even pick up a copy of Carnival Games and go the high-tech route!


Big Top Birthday Cake!

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have room for a circus tent at your house. We guess you’ll just have to bring it inside somehow—say, in cake-form? Isabelle Thornton on LeChateauDesFleurs came up with this amazingly adorable design and posted the recipe. She used a giant cupcake cake pan (ours is about 8.25” high and 7.5” wide) and decorated it regular icing. Loving it!


Funny Photos!

Stand-ins are a circus and carnival mainstay, and we’ve got plenty. Take on the world as the Strong Man or pretend to be this Hawaiian couple. You can even make your own versions without much trouble. Print out and piece together some faceless images from the Internet, or draw your own caricatures on a large piece of cardboard if you’re artistically inclined. The funny photo-ops will never stop!


Clowning Around!

You knew this one was coming! It’s okay if you don’t like clowns, because these kids clown costumes are super cute! The guest of honor will look the part as a fun-loving, jolly, cheerful clown. And, this classic rainbow wig is sure be tons of fun at the party and afterwards as well.


If you decide to turn your child’s birthday into a circus, let us know about it! We love seeing pictures and hearing stories from our customers. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share your experiences!

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