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How to be fancy with a Fancy Nancy party!

What little girl doesn’t want to be fancy?



Fancy Nancy sure does! Since 2005, she has been showing off her own brand of elegance in Jane O’Connor’s children’s book series of the same name, as well as a few video games and a lavish musical. With Fancy Nancy Party Packs from, any birthday party can become an extravagant experience. Fancy Nancy personalized party supplies give your child a 100% unique birthday party!



For even more grandeur, take a gander at these Fancy Nancy party tips!


Fancy Fashion Show!

Lollipop Kids Parties

There’s nothing Nancy loves more than dressing up, so break out some old clothes, turn on some music, and have a dress-up fashion show! Unroll some plain brown paper to serve as the runway. Nothing to wear? Hit up the local thrift shop! For even more added inspiration, check out the dress-up costumes over on our sister site,


Fancy Custom Crafts!

The Cookie Press

A simple DIY crafting activity: put out some plain party hats or paper tiaras along with glue, glitter, markers, and other add-ons.  The girls can add embellishments as they wish, and show off their handiwork by wearing their creations around the rest of the party!


Fanciful Dessert Decoration!

You don’t need to make the most exquisite French pastries to have a high class tea party. Set up a dessert table with undecorated cookies and cupcakes. Provide the guests with all the frosting and sprinkles they need, and watch them create their own sumptuous-looking sweets!



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