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Have a Super Super Mario Party Party!

Sorry for that tongue-twister of a title (try to say it five times fast), but that’s the name of our newest exclusive Mario party pack! It also reminds us of our favorite joke from Parks and Rec, but that’s just getting off-topic.



Mario Kart and Super Mario Bros. have been two of our favorite themes for a while, but the Super Mario Party party pack freshens everything up, bringing new decorations and tableware to the table (literally). For more inspiration, check out our party tips below:


Mario Party Tournament!



Oh boy, now we’re getting into some super Super Mario Party party Mario Party. Where does the madness end? Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo?

Anyway, Mario Party’s been a classic party game ever since the Nintendo 64 reigned supreme in the mid-1990s. It’s great fun for all ages – yes, even you, mom and dad! Adventure around the board, collect stars, and play mini-games. Find a version for whatever console you have (we heard the Wii-U is pretty neat…and the holidays are right around the corner…) and let the party guests go to town!


Toad Cupcakes!



Credit = Austin Designs



No, not actually made with toads. That would be pretty gross. These cupcakes are decorated to look like the character Toad from the Mario series, who plays a big party in the Mario Party games, too. Super simple: red frosting, white wafer cookies. Done, and super-cute, too!


Mario Party Obstacle Course



Audra Rogers has tutorials and tips for this activity over at Kids Activity Blog, and it would make a great fit to any Mario-themed birthday party! Everything is completely DIY, so you’re limited by just your imagination (and by how long of a drive it is to Home Depot). Kids will experience the Mushroom Kingdom in a whole new way, jumping over warp pipes and avoiding chain chomps. Definitely worth a look!


After the party’s over, let us know how it went! We love hearing feedback, so please feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share photo and experiences.

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