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Have a “My Little Party” With These My Little Pony Party Ideas!

My Little Pony was all the rage with girls in the 80s, but recently it’s come back in a big way with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!



Not only is MLP popular with kids again, but the new cartoon even appeals to a lot of parents, too! If you’re a proud mom or dad that likes to take in the adventures of Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and friends with your kids, then shop for our awesome selection of My Little Pony party supplies.


From décor to party favors, our My Little Pony Friendship is Magic party packs have everything you need to make your child’s party more exciting than Fluttershy:


Read on for more great My Little Pony kids party ideas!


Applejack’s Apple Game

Photo Credit = DeviantArt User Sunley


Bobbing for apples has been a classic Halloween party game for decades, but there’s no reason you can’t bring it back for any season! Applejack is all about apples, so it’s a perfect fit for a My Little Pony party. Sweet Apple Acres is open for business, so see who can snag the most apples from the tub of water. The child who is up can try their hand while trying to keep Applejack’s signature cowboy hat on their head!


Pinkie Pie’s Party Cannon

Unfortunately, real-world cannon technology isn’t quite at that level, yet. But, for approximately $35 in materials, you can make your own PVC pipe air cannon to shoot loads of confetti! There’s a great tutorial on Instructables here. Please keep in mind, you won’t need much air pressure to shoot confetti, so test at only a few PSI to start and work your way up. We are not responsible for damaged property! For a quicker, similar effect that the kids can get directly involved with, fill some regular balloons with confetti and blow them up. Let the kids burst them to produce confetti explosions!


Rainbow Dash’s… well, Rainbow Dash!

Here’s an idea for a themed game which you can take in many directions. Rainbow Dash is a pony that always has a need for speed, so have a Rainbow Race! Try a simple three-legged race, with party guests bound together with a rainbow-patterned ribbon. Or, make it a relay race in which runners have to quickly swap My Little Pony accessories after each leg – My Little Pony tiaras, My Little Pony jewel rings, etc. The sky’s the limit!


Hopefully we’ve given you some great ideas for your child’s My Little Pony party. Don’t forget to check out our pony party packs and, as always, like us on Facebook. Feel free to share any photos of your party with us!



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