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Have a Happy Birthday Party Under the Sea with The Little Mermaid

Happy November! As we start getting into winter, it’s getting colder and colder outside. If you’re already missing warm summer days, there’s no reason you can’t imagine up a warmer climate for your child on their birthday! Exploring the tropical ocean waters with Ariel is a great way to take your mind off the cold, and our Little Mermaid party packs at have everything you need to bring a little aquatic ambience to your child’s next birthday party. Read on to see our great Little Mermaid party tips and ideas!



Little Mermaid Dress-up!

Surely the guest of honor has to look the part at her own party! Our Ariel costume will make it a special day to remember. The rest of the kids will want to join in the fun too, so check out our sister sites at and for Little Mermaid accessories that will make everyone feel at home under the sea!


Little Mermaid Birthday Cake!


Thanks to Melissa on Coolest Birthday Cakes for this adorable Little Mermaid cake! Some small Ariel and Eric toys top it off, but we love the seashell and scales effect. The scales are made by just rolling out some fondant and going to town with a small round cookie cutter. Then they’re layered on for a simple-to-do, yet absolutely masterful final look!


Have a Little Mermaid screening and sing-along!

There’s always time to sit back and watch a classic Disney movie! Queue up the DVD and let the party guests relive the tale. Then, for each of the music numbers, have fun singing along to the songs! Just turn on the subtitles on your DVD player, or print out some lyric sheets from the Internet. Or, if you like, you can just grab a copy of the soundtrack, and get straight to the sing-along!


Deepsea Party Favor Fishing!



To prepare this party game, you’ll need a length of string, some construction paper, some paper clips, and a small magnet. Cut the paper into shapes that look like fish and other sea creatures, and attach paper clips to all of them. The kids will “fish” for prizes by using the magnet tied to the string to attract a cutout. Each cutout can have a different party favor written on the back to make each prize a surprise!


As always, let us know how the party goes! We love hearing feedback on Facebook and Twitter, so share those photos and stories, and be sure to keep on  coming back for more of our kids party tips!

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