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Get Prehistoric! Turn Back Time with a Dinosaur Birthday Party!

RAWRR! Dinosaurs surely must have been terrifying sights to behold when they were still around, but today they’re just an awesome, fun novelty to play with. Our Little Dino Party Packs at are all about fun, featuring an adorable cartoon dinosaur design that’s perfect for any child’s birthday party.



For even more amazing décor, you can put up our giant dinosaur wall decals or have a couple inflatable brachiosaurus stationed around the party. Read on for more great party tips!


Looking the Part

Let the guest of honor establish his or her stomping grounds with the Plush T-Rex Child Costume. Or, older kids can run around in a set of Pteranodon Wings. These wings are a simple-to-put-on, no-hassle costume piece, and are currently on clearance at! Get a game of prehistoric Tag going. Whoever is “it” wears the wings and hunts down their “prey”…the other players! When a certain number of people are caught, the wings change hands.


Dinosaur Movies

Let yourself and the kids unwind during the party with a movie break. This will also give you a little time to clean up or set up another activity, if you need to. The Land Before Time came out in 1988 – a little bit before the time of kids these days. It’s still a timeless classic though, and you can also try out any of its twelve sequels that were released all the way up through 2007. Or, pop in one of the Ice Age movies for something a little newer and cooler (see what we did there?).



An easy way to turn a boring party menu into a fun one the kids will remember is to take some sandwiches and cut “Stegosaurus spines” into them. Then, just add some pretzel sticks to be the legs. For dessert, or to serve as party favors, we have assorted Dinosaur Lollipops that are shaped like different dinosaurs. If your child’s birthday is in the spring, every store in town probably has chocolate eggs or egg shaped candy – of course, these will be known as dinosaur eggs during the party!


Prehistoric Volcano Birthday Cake

While we’re on the subject of food, we might as well talk about the birthday cake, right? It’s theorized that a volcanic eruption played at least a small role in the downfall of the dinosaurs, so let one drive your hunger to extinction, too! featured this great cake decorating idea. Tubes of colored icing make for “lava,” and a hidden cup of water with a piece of dry ice produces the smoking “eruption” effect. You can even decorate around the base of the cake with the aforementioned Dinosaur Lollipops.


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