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Fly High With These Disney’s Planes Party Tips!


If you and your kids were fans of Pixar’s Cars and Cars 2, then you’ll love Disney’s Planes! “From above the world of Cars,” Planes is a Cars spin-off that comes out this Friday, August 9. Follow the adventures of Dusty as he tries to overcome his rather uncharacteristic fear of heights and achieve his dreams of being a superstar air racer!



After you’ve fallen in love with the world of Planes, bring it home with a Planes party! Our Planes party packs at have everything you need to have a great time, all in one box. There’s Planes plates, cups, napkins, decorations, and even party favors – a great starting point to be sure, but read on for more Planes party ideas!



Planes Printables!




Spoonful’s Planes page has tons of printable activities that are fun for kids of all ages, and since all you need is a computer (which you probably already have if you’re reading this!) there’s almost no set-up time! From coloring pages to simple paper and pencil games, there’s a great variety here, so be sure to check this one out.


Airplane Activities!


A Planes party is a great opportunity to take something a little old-fashioned – paper airplanes – and turn them into fun party games! Try out some crazy new designs: Fun Paper Airplanes have a bunch of printable templates, or the kids can try to make up their own. We also have official Planes foam flyers that go together in a snap (pictured above). You can have contests and special prizes for things like Best Decorated Plane, Coolest Design, etc.


Be a Flying Ace!



After the kids have made their planes, let them test out their piloting skills! Who will have the furthest throw or the fanciest flight? Try out some skill games too, like Airplane Golf: set up a few baskets or buckets in the yard, and the child who lands their plane inside the target with the fewest throws wins! Or, see who can land their plane closest to a target at the end of the runway (a chalk X on the sidewalk, or some other marker). Winners take home the Flying Ace Ribbon!


In-flight Snacks!



Credit goes to MommaRambles for creating this super cute airplane fruit snack. It’s really simple to prepare, and what’s healthier than fruit? Recipe is on the site here. Also, to emulate real-life airline snacks, you can fill up some Disney Planes Treat Bags with mini pretzels, mini cookies, etc. You could even say, the sky’s the limit!


Your party is sure to soar with these party tips! If you liked this post, like us on Facebook to share your party pics with us and find more great party ideas!



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