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Dreaming of a Disney’s Cars Birthday Party


Disney’s Cars drives us crazy – in a good way. Their spinoff movie, Planes, was released earlier this year (we even blogged about it) with great success and Cars 3 as well as a Planes sequel are coming too! Pixar is animation perfection in our eyes, and that’s why all new to are Disney Cars Dream Party Packs



Lightning McQueen, Mater, and the whole Cars cast are all over these decorations and party supplies. Creating a themed birthday has never been easier! For even more inspiration, check out the rest of our Cars party ideas:


Pin the Headlight Party Game!



This game is a Cars twist on everyone’s favorite classis, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Each child has their own color of sticker, and takes turns trying to stick it to Mater’s missing headlight with blindfolded. Who will get it the closest? The winner can take home a special box of Cars party favors!


Cars Birthday Cake!




Kindercrafty has made a super simple and easy Cars cake tutorial on their YouTube channel. Check it out above, or right here. Or, try your hand at these Cars cupcakes, featured on The Cupcake Blog. Too cute!



Your very own Piston Cup!


Credit =


It’s the race for which Lightning McQueen is known! First, each child can create their own racecar with an old box and some coloring supplies. Then, mark off a course around the house or in the yard with some colorful tape, balloons, or other decorations. Add some obstacles: steps, zig-zags, you name it. The champion will be crowned at the end – You can even use a balloon drop for the finish line for an amazing finishing touch!


If you have a Cars themed party for your child, let us know how it went! Feel free to share your photos with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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