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Costume Express is Taking Halloween to the Next Level with a 4D Catalog!

Every year our sister site Costume Express strives to bring something new to the table – with the main goal of getting you in the spirit for a few tricks and a whole lot of treats.  2012 is no exception as it promises to tickle each of your senses with the introduction of our interactive 4D app!

What exactly do we mean by “4D”?  We don’t want you to simply flip through our catalog, but rather EXPERIENCE our catalog.  This application allows you to get a detailed view of every item in the CostumeExpress catalog, read customer reviews, pick out accessories and make purchases right from your mobile phone or tablet.  So how do you make it work?

Start by using the catalog that features our “4D” logo.  Our inaugural issue features ‘The Dark Knight’ on the cover.

Halloween Costumes In 4D

Next, download the application onto your phone (or tablet).



(Tip: You can also search the app market by using the keywords: “Costumes 4D”)

Launch the app and you will notice that your phone has been transformed into a scanning machine!

To begin the 4D catalog experience, center the catalog page on your screen (you will need to ensure that the full page is visible in the viewing area).  There’s no need to press any buttons because the application will auto-scan the catalog page for you (you know it’s working when you see the glowing scan bars appear).  “Sparks” will signify that the scan is complete.  Tap the sparks and watch your page come to life!

Halloween Costume 4D App

There are four icons that will show up on your screen when you hit your menu key or the “Costumes 4D” icon: The question mark icon will bring up the how-to instructions shown above, the price tag icon will display sales offers (when available), the tool icon will display the user agreement, and the flame/torch icon will activate the flash function on your mobile device (Tip: If you are having trouble scanning a page, use the flash function to enhance its scanability). 4D Costume App

The social media icons offer a simple way to pin it, post it or tweet it – and the quick and secure checkout option ensures that purchasing your family’s costumes and accessories is easier, and more convenient, than ever!

Now that you’ve given it a try, we want to know what you think of our Costumes 4D application?

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