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Carving Out New Ways to Decorate Your Pumpkins

We’re less than two weeks away from Halloween, and that means it’s just about time to start decorating those pumpkins!  Whether this is your first or fiftieth pumpkin, there are always new products and ideas to help you create your own unique lineup of jack-o-lanterns!

pumpkin decorations

First things first: yes, you can grab your kitchen knife and large spoon to get the job done.  However, this tool kit keeps all of your essentials in one spot, includes stencils, and only costs $9!

Carve Your Pumpkin Tools

Of course no carved pumpkin would be complete without a glowing center.  Candles can get messy, but battery-operated pumpkin lights are safe and versatile (best of all, they don’t blow out in the wind!).  This year, we’ve taken it up a notch, by offering color-changing bulbs!

Morphing Pumpkin Light Decorations

For me, I prefer to use these super-fun “pumpkin parts”.  From bats to witches (and everything in between), it’s easy to create a nice looking display without the mess!

Pumpkin Parts Decorating Kit

When you add pumpkin teeth to your jack-o-lantern, you can’t help but smile!

Jack-O-Lantern Fangs

Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk pumpkin paints!  Not only is it ideal for the small-fries (the less knives, the better), but it is a great way to preserve the pumpkins.  Carved pumpkins are usually good for a week or so, but painted pumpkins can last into Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Painting Kits

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