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Birthday Parties Just Got Sweeter

Colorful Candies for Birthday Parties

Candy. Just hearing the word engages one’s sweet tooth. Say it to any child and instantly you’ve got their attention. What is it about these colorful confections that delight us so?

Could it be the vibrant hues that capture our eye, the playful shapes that tickle our tongue, or that fleeting but pleasing sugar high? Whatever the reason, candy has proven itself to be a real crowd-pleaser, visually and gastronomically. So, if you’re throwing a birthday party for kids or adults, there are lots of ways you can use these enticing treats to make your celebration a whole lot sweeter.

Centerpieces:  Fill clear jars with vibrant candy pieces for an eye-catching tabletop. You can use containers with see-through lids or vases in unique shapes and sizes. The more variety, the more interesting your display. For kids’ parties, it’s fun to use lots of color for a rainbow effect, and for adult occasions, mix two colors together or create a monochromatic look that coordinates with your party’s color scheme.

Games:  Fill a clear jar with gumballs or candy-coated chocolate rounds like sixlets and let everyone guess how many pieces are inside. Be sure to count them beforehand! Some packages include the quantity on the back label. Hand out little squares of paper with a space for guests to write their name and one guess. Toward the end of the party, review all the answers and reward the person closest to the actual number with a small gift. The jar of candy makes a wonderful prize for adult parties.

Favors:  Send friends home with a smile, and a goody bag filled with a sampling of the candy served at your celebratory event. Before the party, fill clear cello bags (available at most craft stores) with a selection of items of your choosing and tie each off with a colorful ribbon, or secure with a decorative twist-tie. Then, as guests are on their way out the door, hand each person a bag as you thank them for coming.

Did you know you can customize candy items to match your party theme? Check out our exclusive selection of candy bar wrappers and lollipop stickers that coordinate with many of our birthday themes. They provide a unique touch to party favors, and tie everything together beautifully. Sweet!

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