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Be in Vogue with a Zebra Print Party!

Your little fashionista loves to keep it fab, so make her birthday party glamorous with zebra print party supplies from! These stripes of black and white have been symbols of high society forever, and our party packs replicate them perfectly. It’s so much fun, we couldn’t stop at one, so we have three fabulous zebra print packs for you.


The Diva Zebra Print Party Pack is full of gorgeous pink zebra print that your daughter is sure to love. So is the Pink Zebra Boutique, which is also great for any aspiring professional shoppers out there. You can also mix up your party theme with giraffe and leopard print too, with the Safari Adventure Party Pack.


Keep on reading if you want to take your zebra-themed party to the next level!


Sweet Zebra Treats!



Every birthday party needs desserts. Our black and white Whirly Pops can do the trick, and in bunches they can make for great centerpieces, too. The classic zebra cake – pictured above – is another great snack idea, but if you really want to knock this party out of the park, check out this zebra print cake from



Perfect zebra stripes, on the inside! We love it. Link to the site with the full recipe is just above the photo, but the stripe effect is achieved by alternately pouring scoops of vanilla and chocolate batter into the pan.


Zebra Pinata!



The classic birthday party game! This pinata of ours is a great fit for the theme, and what kid doesn’t love candy? Fill ‘er up with our giant two pound bad of Pinata Filler and you’re good to go. Our filler includes candies such as Tootsie Rolls and Dubble Bubble bubble gum, as well as small toys such as spinning tops and plastic harmonicas. There will tons of fun for everyone involved!


Zebra Fashion Makeover!



After the guest of honor receives her diva tiara, why not have everyone look the part of a zebra print party? Zebra faux-fingernails can be easily found at any drugstore or dollar store, and black or white hair strand extensions will give everyone a little extra zebra flair! Or, for a fun activity that moms can do with their daughters, try out this 15-minute hot pink zebra nail polish tutorial from YouTuber beautycakez:




For more inspiration, take a look at our Little Zebra Diva Party Planning Guide. As always, feel free to share photos and stories with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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