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A Smarter way to Shop for Busy Moms

Let’s face it, Moms are busy.  Whether they are taking care of their kids, working, or trying to find time for themselves they are constantly on the go, making it hard to plan the all things that are of importance in their life, like for instance planning their child’s birthday party.

Throughout the years technology has made planning less stressful and has made it easier for Moms on the go to have some well needed assistance.  A new app, called “Grocery IQ” has been able to do just that and more.  While, this app is intended to make grocery shopping (in general) a seamless process, this app can also be the blessing in disguise as the perfect party planner Moms need.

The Grocery IQ app allows users to build new lists quickly with features like predictive search and barcode scanning as well as customize the arrangement of categories within your list so you can check off items in an orderly fashion as you navigate the store.  These features will make planning a child’s party a time saving process and allow Moms to divide and conquer what is really important to them, instead of letting the “extra noise” get in the way of what they originally set out to do.

Imagine, how nice it would be to have this app help you when determining the items you need for your child’s birthday and point you where to go in the store to get them.  Saving you precious time that you are able to share with your children enjoying there big day!

If this doesn’t seem like the perfect solution for all busy moms, I don’t know what does.

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