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A Ladybug Birthday Party to Hit the Spot!


What could be better suited for a little lady’s birthday party than a little ladybug theme? Plenty of ladybug party supplies can be found in our Ladybug Fancy and Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Party Packs.

Ladybug Fancy features a stylish black and white polka dot theme with red ladybug accents, and Oh So Sweet is all about being pretty in pink!



That takes care of your party supplies and décor, but read on for more party tips and ideas that will make this party one to remember!


Ladybug Birthday Cake!

With our Ladybug Cake pan, it couldn’t be simpler to create a ladybug-shaped birthday cake that your kids will love! Or, bake up a batch of ladybug cupcakes. Chocolate batter is best for the color, but you can use anything you want. Then, just top them off with some red icing and chocolate chips or chocolate candies for spots!


Ladybug Bean Bags!


Take an adorable ladybug twist on the classic beanbag toss game! You’ll need a few Ladybug Bean Bags. If you’re into sewing, you can quickly whip up your own with some red and black fabric. Cut some leaf-shaped targets out of green construction paper or felt, and let the kids take aim. Whoever lands the most ladybugs on leaves is the winner!


Pin the Spots on the Ladybug!

Here’s another tried-and-true party game with a bit of ladybug flair! Print out an image of a dot-less ladybug, or create one out of red construction paper, and affix it to the wall. Blindfolded, each child takes turns attempting to stick the black dots on the lady bug – round black stickers or paper circles with double-sided tape will do. See who can correctly place the most!


Ladybug Arts and Crafts!

DLTK’s Crafts For Kids has plenty of kid-friendly art activities that are perfect for a bunch of birthday party guests. From printable coloring pages to instructions for 3D take-home ladybug crafts (pictured above), the possibilities are endless. You can even make decorating for the party an arts-and-crafts activity – kids can blow up red and black balloons and spread red and black streamers around.


If you can’t enough of “the Bug’s Life” and need more inspiration, take a look at our party idea guides for LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet and LadyBug Fancy. And, be sure to check out ladybug costumes over on, too.  Share your stories and photos with us on Facebook and Twitter to let us know how the party went!

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