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A Fantastic Voyage – New Pirate Party Ideas

The popularity of Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates has rescued buccaneer bashes from the dreary depths of Davey Jones’ locker!  Of course, we have lots of fun cups, plates, napkins and banners to match your party theme – but if you’re really looking to make a splash, you just may wish to incorporate one of these super fun ideas into your next pirate party!

Cardboard Box Ship – Avast ye land lubbers and set sail on a real life ship adventure!  This simple (and affordable) “play prop” will not only provide you with fantastic photo ops, but it will also give the kiddos an excuse (like they needed one!) to put on their bandana favors and join in on the fun!

Here’s what you’ll need:
*A couple of salvaged refrigerator boxes

*Some paint or markers (optional)

*Wooden dowels

*An old bed sheet

*Jolly Roger flag

*Treasure chest, bandanas, rope, parrots, etc. (so you deck the deck!)

Begin by painting your boxes to look like a pirate ship (wood planks, cannons, portholes, life preservers, etc.).  Use the dowels and bed sheet to create your “sails”.  Top it off with a Jolly Roger flag and you’ve got a wonderful backdrop to your scallywag’s big day!

The Hunt for Buried Treasure – Send your corsair cuties on a scavenger hunt for real treasures!

Here’s what you’ll need:   

*An old wooden chest

*Pirate costumes and accessories

Begin searching secondhand stores for the perfect “treasure chest” (your very own treasure hunt!).  It should have a worn, distressed look (it doesn’t need to be expensive – and in a pinch, a large decorated cardboard box will work).  Fill the box with bandanas, eye patches, parrots, swords (for older children), bead necklaces, gold coins, etc. (just be sure that there are enough items for all the players).  On the day of the party, you can send your crew on their mission – to find where you’ve hidden the treasure chest!

Walk the Plank Game – For those of us not lucky enough to have a swimming pool with a diving board…


Here’s what you’ll need:
*A kiddie pool

*Cinder blocks

*(1) 4×4 piece of wood

Fill up your kiddie pool with water, and place the cinder blocks on either side of the pool.  The wood goes on top of the cinder blocks (the groove will hold the wood in place, but I would use a C-clamp for extra measure) to create your “plank”.  On the day of the party, you will want to make sure there are adult “spotters” on either side to ensure the safety of your deckhands!

SCORING: (+5 points) for making it all the way across, (+10 for doing it backwards), (-1 for falling into the ocean)

Have you thrown a pirate party for one of your mateys?  If so, what are some of your best ideas?  If you’ve got a great cake recipe, game or decor idea, please share them with us!


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