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How to Build a LEGO Birthday Party!

Kids of all ages love Lego! Just as much as the classic toy lets kids be creative, you can be creative in throwing a Lego themed party for their birthday. From, the LEGO City party packs are a great fit for any child who loves playing with Lego! Or, if your little one loves Star Wars, our LEGO Star Wars party supplies will do the trick!



These party packs contain everything from invitations to decorations, and they make party set-up a cinch. Keep reading for more great LEGO birthday party tips and ideas!


Giant LEGO Pieces Birthday Cake!

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What do you mean you can’t play with your food? (Actually, you probably shouldn’t try to build anything out of this cake.) Betty Crocker has a cute recipe here to make building block cakes – each one is just a small square cake with marshmallows for the LEGO studs. Or, you can make one large cake and make the LEGO studs out of inverted cupcake stumps!


LEGO City Party Game!

Here’s a classic party game with a LEGO twist. Instead of pin the tail of the donkey, party guests must blindly place their shark in the water. This playset includes the illustrated gameboard, eight LEGO sharks, and a Minifig blindfold. It’s sure to be a hit!


See it, Build it!

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For this LEGO party game, the kids will have to split up into partners. Before the party, prepare some sort of LEGO sculpture – it can be simple, complex, or even abstract. While one set of children are out of the room, the other is shown the sculpture to study for a minute. Then, they have another minute to describe it to their partner, who has another minute to build it. Whoever builds the most accurate re-creation wins! Play as many rounds as you like, with partners switching off.


LEGO Free-for-all!

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No need to overthink it – break out the whole LEGO collection and let the kids’ creativities be the limit! Who can build the biggest? The tallest? For easy cleanup afterwards, dump the LEGO pieces out onto an old bed sheet or two in the first place. Then, you can easily gather them all up later by scooping with the sheet! (This also minimizes the chance of stepping barefoot on stray bricks for the next 27 weeks.)


As always, let us know how the party goes! Be sure to share your photos and stories with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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